Who is Rolling Bricks?


My name is Szabi and I’m a long time LEGO fan with a wide range of interest. I grew up in Budapest, Hungary but currently live in Spain.
I like music, books, movies, video games, paintings, graphic designing and of course LEGO designing.
I mainly build cars, aircrafts, architectures and decoration items in micro and middle scale.
My models’ characteristics are the maximalist attention to details and to the right proportions in every scale.

What is a MOC?


The ‘MOC’ acronym stands for ‘My Own Creation’, a term to describe any unique self-designed LEGO model. These models were designed and built by a LEGO fan without instructions. 

What is mochub?


MOCHUB is an online marketplace where you can buy uniquely designed creations. 
When someone decides to buy a design on MOCHUB, they will receive the parts and the detailed instructions needed to assemble the model they fell in love with. Unlike some other sites, however, they offer a 100% original service. The box will only contain brand new, genuine LEGO® pieces and manually reviewed assembly instructions. Shipping usually takes 9-13 days via DHL Express. 

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